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Sokkia GSX2 GNSS Receiver

Sokkia GSX2 GNSS Receiver

Product Specification
Brand Sokkia
Maximum Data Rate 20 Hz
Memory 4GB internal memory (Firmware limit of 2GB of static data)
Number of Channels 226 Channels
Operating Temperature -20 Deg C to +65 Deg C with internal batteries; -40 Deg C to +65 Deg C with external power
Operating Time Up to 20 hours
Weight Approx. 1.87lb. (850g)

Product Description
Providing leading edge technology in a smart, rugged design, the GSX2 provides superior performance at an affordable price. The compact, integrated receiver design includes the GNSS board, sealed long-life power supply, memory storage and long-range data communication.

The design of the GSX2 provides a great deal of versatility, allowing the GSX2 to be configured in a variety of ways depending on the project requirements. The GSX2 makes a great low-cost static GNSS system that can be pre-programmed and operated in the field with just one button.

Use a pair of GSX2 receivers for a completely cable-free base and rover RTK system or utilize the GSX2 as a network rover by adding network functionality and a cellular enabled controller.